“Life Savers” by Dr. Tunde Alaofin is an important book that I think may start a revolution in healthcare. It challenges patients to take charge of their health and every medical encounter with their doctor. Dr. Alaofin’s proposal for a “medical diagnostic partnership” between doctors, their patients and software is a novel and important viewpoint for a nationwide health care debate. I encourage patients to read it.”

Abimbola Aina-Mumuney, M.D. 
Assistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

This excellent book contains a literal treasure trove of information, which will be beneficial and educational for patient and physician alike. Dr. Alaofin has given the non-medically trained reader a variety of common scenarios for presentation to their medical providers.”

Dr. Harold Wilson
Executive Vice President,
Turning Point Healthcare Solutions,
Professor of Emergency Medicine,
University of Madagascar College of Medicine

WOW WOW WOW!!!. This book is fantastic. Since reading Dr. Alaofin’s book, I have become proactive with my medical conditions. A friend recommended this book to me because she knows my condition and I now do my research, write down questions to ask all my doctors and question test they ordered. Thank you Doctor for an eye opener.

Abbey Johnson


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