Dr. Tunde Alaofin

Tunde Alaofin-2Dr. Tunde Alaofin is a Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at University of Maryland University College and Washington Adventist University. His 25 years of professional experience spans through Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Management Systems,  Business Process Re-Engineering and Cloud Computing. Dr. Alaofin is the Founder/CEO of Delexis Healthcare Technology Solutions, Washington, DC. He was a former Franchise Owner & Chief Technology Officer for Geeks On Call Corporation, Washington, DC Metro Area. He was a Systems/Network Engineer and Assistive Technology Director for various United States Government agencies — Health & Human Services, Dept. of Agriculture & Social Security Administration between 1997 and 2005.

Prior to joining University of Maryland and Washington Adventist University in 2014, Dr. Alaofin was an Adjunct Faculty at University of Phoenix for 5 years. He was a lecturer of Information Systems at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. In addition to his faculty role, Dr. Alaofin was a Program Manager at Unisys Corporation, a Sr. Director of Technology Solutions for LightTrade Incorporated Washington, DC and was a Director of Information Systems at the University of South Carolina between 1994 & 1997

Dr. Alaofin has a Ph.D. in Information Systems & Technology with research focus in Artificial Intelligence from Walden University. He is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), an author, mentor and entrepreneur.

Dr. Alaofin can be reached at babatunde.alaofin@faculty.umuc.edu


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